Asian Schools Debating Championships 2016

We dropped by Methodist Boys School and INTI College Subang Jaya last weekend to handle YouTube live streaming for Nous Malaysia who organized this year’s edition of the regional Asian Schools Debating Championships (ASDC) 2016 which has participants flying in to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, Manila, and India.NousCapture

Our live streaming setup consisted of a microphone on a stand capturing the speaker’s voice which was fed into our portable audio mixer. The audio was then fine-tuned before being encoded and streamed online. Due to the absence of a high-speed internet connection at the venue, we provided our own connection using 4G mobile data.


We streamed 12 sessions of debate in total and we created a special YouTube channel for our client to host the live videos. We were also able to prepare real-time captions which were flashed on screen as debaters delivered their speeches. These captions where customized to display the debate motions and the team names. The ASDC live streamed videos are available to watch at