Production Assistant

What is a production assistant?

A production assistant is an individual who assists with multiple aspects of a production on set. A PA’s job is usually varied depending on the scale of the production but in Ocrux, a PA typically helps out with the film slate a.k.a. clapperboard, the setting up and operation of equipment such as sliders, microphones and lights as well as other duties such as crowd control and production scheduling.

If you’re new to film-making or you’d just like to get a taste of film production, this is the job for you! (P.S. We love our PAs very much as they come in very useful in productions and we’ll buy you drinks!)


  • A helpful and easy-going attitude.
  • Patience and the will to learn.
  • Responsible and able to work under pressure.
  • Good team player.

Email us at if you’re interested! We always welcome our friends who’d like to help us out! 🙂