Film Colorist

heroWhat is a colorist?

A film colorist is a video editor responsible for the colour-grading of a film. Colour-grading is the process of digitally enhancing the colour of the image to create a particular feel or mood in the film. Colour-grading is also known as colour correction and it involves tweaking contrast, saturation, colour balance and other settings to acquire the particular ‘film look’.


  • A love for film and its aesthetic qualities.
  • Responsible and able to deliver on time.
  • Patience and the will to learn.
  • A reliable Windows/Mac computer with minimum Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 5Mbps internet bandwidth.
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects is encouraged.
  • If you have no previous knowledge of colour correction, fear not as training will be provided. 

This position is an opportunity to learn and hone a very unique skill in the field of post-production.

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